Kore Update - April 2017


As a member of the Kore Family, we want to make sure you are kept up to date on all of the latest news. These news updates should be a helpful communication and an effective way to reach all of the Kore Family.

2016 Recap

2016 was a fantastic year for Kore on multiple fronts! Some key highlights from the year include:

  • Launching of the Kore Brand: after a lot of preparation, the Epic, Robinson, and Kenyon brands were merged into a single new brand: Kore. The response from employees, customers, vendors, and others has been very positive! Thank you for making this a smooth and positive transition.
  • Adding New Team Members: 2016 was another year of growth and Kore added 20 new employees throughout the year. We strive to make Kore a great place for everyone here and hope to further build the reputation that we take great care of our team!
  • Opening of the Phoenix Branch: in May of 2016, Kore officially launched a branch in Phoenix, Arizona. With support from the Kore Management Team, Eric Riggen led the charge in building the branch. After quickly hiring Selvin Cardona, Kore was off to the races and quickly picked up skilled technicians, an office assistant, and premier customers, including Circle K. The branch continues to grow and thrive today!
  • New Benefits Package: in the midst of rising health care and insurance costs, we worked diligently to improve the benefits package at Kore. We had great success in minimizing costs for everyone and adding some new benefits like TeleDoc, tax-free health savings accounts, and EAP. The wellbeing of our employees and their families is extremely important and we are confident this benefits package will help take care of them!

In addition to the highlights mentioned, here are some key numbers that help summarize 2016.


2017 and Expansion

2017 has started off very well for Kore! We are confident that this will be a great year for the company and all members of the Kore Family. Because of the great work performed by our technicians, some of our key customers have asked us to expand our operations and service their stores in the Boise and Reno areas. Kore is now up to 8 full branches throughout the Mountain West!


We are proud to have members from within the Kore team who have taken these opportunities. Sean Moore (from the St. George branch) will be leading the Reno branch and Luke Faimon (from the Denver branch) will be leading the Boise branch.

We recognize that it is the hard work from everyone at Kore that makes these opportunities for expansion and promotion possible. Here's to Boise, Reno, and all of the Mountain West!



We are excited as ever about Kore's past, present, and future. The work can be hard (and sometimes chaotic), but we are making great strides collectively.

Thank you for all of your hard work! As a service business, we are a company that is focused on people and we think that we have the best people.